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~Tate Bubtoover 31.Dec.03 02:51 PM a Web browser
Domino Administrator 6.0.1 Linux - RedHat

Hello all,

We have a mail server (which is also the administration server) and a Sametime server and we also implemented iNotes web access, so all users login to their mailboxes using iNotes Web Access.

The challenge we are facing is that we want users to have the same internet password on both the mail server and sametime server address books. This is challenging us because we know that it's possible for users to change their internet password on the mails server from iNotes and that of sametime server from sametime connect, which means that if the password on sametime server is different from the that on the mail server they can't use their password on the mail server to login to sametime.

As a result of the above, we want to know how we can approach the issues below:

a. Be able to change internet password only on the mail server from iNotes (ie we don’t want users to be able to change sametime password from sametime connect)

b. Be able to use only the internet password on the mail server to login to sametime

c. To ensure that the internet password on the mail server always synchronizes with that on the sametime server without much delay so that users can always login to both mail server and sametime using one password

We know that we can schedule replication beetween the mail serverr and the sametime server to run nightly so that the sametime password is updated after replication but we don’t want to adopt this because this would mean that even when users change their mail password, they cant’t use the password to login to sametime until the following morning.

And if we choose to schedule replication between the servers to occur frequently (say every 30 munites) during working hours, this would impact negatively on server performance.

Again is it possible and safe to configure/reinstall sametime to always use the mail server’s address book (ie sametime server will not have it’s own address book, it would always point to the mail server address book)?

Please what is the best way to approach these issues? Your contributions are would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for your much-needed contributions.


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